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Ah xian came to australia from beijing in 1989, having already gained some recognition and experience as an artist here. Ah xian is a chinese-australian artist whose beautiful porcelain busts explore the intersections between artistic tradition, cultural identity, and the body. Collection: the artist ah xian’s 'china china' works are porcelain body copies cast from life models, which the ah xian says: ‘as i am weary of, . Chinese-australian artist ah xian is one of australia’s leading contemporary artists, and our recent conversation at his home in sydney’s northern suburbs began with a dramatic announcement by him that he is no longer making the porcelain busts and cloisonné figures that propelled him to overnight success when he won the national gallery . After settling in australia in 1990 following the student protests and subsequent events in tiananmen square in june 1989, self-taught artist ah xian began to experiment with sculptural casts.

ah xian artist Ah xian | mca australia.

Xian is regarded as one of the first contemporary artists of his time both in australia and overseas ah xian grew up during the cultural revolution in china and was trained as an artist specialising in painting he came to australia as a visiting student during the 1980’s at the university of tasmanias school of art he returned to china . Queensland art gallery director tony ellwood appears to have become a significant patron of chinese-born australian artist ah xian in recent weeks. Available in the national library of australia collection author: ah xian, 1960- format: audio 5 digital audio tapes (ca 259 min). Holland cotter reviews asia society exhibition of works by contemporary beijing-born sculptor ah xian photo (s).

Yr 11-12 visual art karen hooks individual and collective histories expressed through the arts practices of contemporary australian artists ah xian . Ah xian is a contemporary artist born in beijjing, and now lives and works in sydneyhe was recently the recipient of the 2009 clemenger contemporary art award for his work entitledconcrete forest. Ah xian is a chinese-australian contemporary artist interested in the human body and how contemporary craft can make it meaningful ah xian uses many different techniques and materials, based on ancient chinese crafts skills, including porcelain, cloisonne, lacquer, jade, ox-bone inlay and bronze as well as concrete.

Ah xian is a chinese artist who lives and works in sydney, australia his field is the ancient chinese craft of porcelain making, . Ah xian giggles into his green tea as he describes how he once recruited himself as a guinea pig and ended up in casualty with chemical burns. Exhibited at ah xian date 2003 place queensland art gallery, brisbane, qld description an exhibition featuring sculpture, including a life-size cloisonne enamel sculpture and busts in traditional lacquer-work and jade, together with an earlier group of porcelain busts. Humanities australia 47 ah xian challenging the spatial limitations of sculptural art ah xian was born liu jixian on 7 may 1960 in beijing, six years before the beginning of the.

Chinese artist ah xian lives and works in sydney where for nearly two decades he has explored aspects of the human form using ancient chinese craft methods including porcelain, lacquer, jase, bronze, and even concrete the artist often uses busts of his own family members including his wife, brother . Askart, an artist directory with millions of worldwide artists' paintings and art - auction records and results, artwork prices, valuations, signatures, images and artist biographies. Ah xian, artist art auction sale prices for 11 works by ah xian in australia and new zealand, art market statistics and valuations. Ah xian is a chinese-born artist who migrated to australia he however maintains a close connection with his homeland, particularly its artistic techniques.

China refigured brings together sculptures by contemporary chinese artist ah xian and a selection of traditional art works drawn principally from the rockefeller collection the majority of these works are porcelain, one of the most significant chinese exports to europe in the late sixteenth . Chinese-australian artist ah xian’s still and serene figures may be modelled from ordinary people but they have an otherworldly presence strangely formed ro. The wonder of ah xian’s sculptures “ah xian is a chinese artist who journeyed to the historical center of porcelain production at jing de zhen after living .

  • Chinese artist ah xian has explored aspects of the human form using ancient chinese craft methods to create porcelain busts.
  • About this project madeleine o’dea journalist and author + ah xian artist madeleine o’dea: looking back 30 years, i realise the most important moments in my china story, the ones that turned what could have been just another journalist’s assignment into a lifelong obsession, occurred in the most modest of spaces.
  • Ah xian (born 1960 in beijing) is a chinese born artist based in sydney, australia ah xian was a practising artist in china throughout the 1980s he sought political asylum in australia following the events of tiananmen square in 1989 and moved to sydney in 1990.

Prominent contemporary artist ah xian's series heavy wounds (1991) were some of the earliest created after he migrated to australia and expressed his isolation and trauma following the tiananmen square crackdown . Ah xian is a chinese- australian artist he is interested in the human body and how using contemporary materials to explore it can create meaning. Ah xian, painter and sculptor he adopted the name ah in 1983 reflected a chinese spiritual and artistic tradition appreciated by both the artist and sitter.

ah xian artist Ah xian | mca australia. ah xian artist Ah xian | mca australia. ah xian artist Ah xian | mca australia. ah xian artist Ah xian | mca australia.
Ah xian artist
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